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Websites favicon - Zapato Productions intradimensional

Description: Website of Lyle Zapato: creator of MindGuard, maker of icons, scourge of the forces of mind-control, humble servant to the Lord Kelvin, and champion of endangered tree octopi...

205,559   $ 44,820.00 favicon - eDiscovery Software Solutions | Relativity

Description: Organizations around the globe use RelativityOne's complete, connected eDiscovery software to analyze data around litigation, investigations, compliance, and more.

289,733   $ 31,860.00 favicon - The Physics of the Universe - Difficult Topics Made Understandable...

Description: The Physics of the Universe - Difficult Topics Made Understandable - The Big Bang, Black Holes, Quantum Theory, Relativity, Cosmological Theories, etc

437,486   $ 9,720.00 favicon - TestTubeGames | Bringing Science to Life
613,678   $ 2,160.00 favicon - Motion Mountain - The Captivating Free Physics Book

Description: Captivating facts, images, films and stories on every page: the free physics textbook for students, teachers and everybody curious about motion in nature.

718,808   $ 1,680.00 favicon - Swans Commentary: Ideas, opinions, thoughts... and a flock of Swans

Description: 2015 Infamous Predictions™, and Prespectives on 2014

1,864,610   $ 720.00 favicon - E=mc^2 - Einstein's Equation Explained with Worked Examples

Description: An easy-to-follow explanation of E = mc^2 - Meaning, units and solving with many worked examples.

2,126,547   $ 720.00 favicon - SciCentral: Gateway to the best science news sources

Description: This site features the most reliable and timely free science and technology news

3,538,463   $ 480.00 favicon - The Albert Einstein Archives at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem...

Description: The Albert Einstein Archives at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem own the Literary Estate of Albert Einstein, as declared in his last will and testament

2,889,697   $ 480.00 favicon - Astronomy Online

Description: Astronomy Information and Resources

2,315,656   $ 480.00 favicon - Relativity Visualized

Description: Visualization of the theory of relativity: online articles, pictures, movies and paper models by Ute Kraus and Corvin Zahn (Universität Hildesheim, Germany)

99,999,999   $ 8.95 favicon -

Description: Little 'Bytes' about Natural Phenomena, Theoretical Physics and the Latest Worldwide Scientific Findings. Edited from Glasgow, Scotland.

99,999,999   $ 8.95 favicon - Rogue Physicist - resources for physics education, © 2006-2015...

Description: Rogue Physicist, resources for physics education, © 2006-2015 Dorian Pascoe. Resource bank, computer simulations, worksheets, documents, videos and more.

99,999,999   $ 8.95

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